Side Cutters

Side Cutters

Side cutters are otherwise called diagonal pliers or diagonal cutting pliers or wire cutters. These pliers are not for grabbing or turning anything. By this name you may be confused by whether it is the same as the lineman’s pliers. But this is not the case. The plane that is defined by the edges of the jaw will intersect at the joint rivet at an angle or may even intersect at the diagonal. Hence the name is given as the diagonal cutting pliers.

Instead of the shearing action as that of the scissors they cut only by wedging and indenting the wire apart. The jaw edges are made as symmetrical “V” edge. The material that is used for making the side cutters is the Tempered Steel. For hardening the side cutter the process involved are quenching and inductive heating. These are mainly used in the electrical industry. In the country such as Ireland and the United Kingdom these side cutter is called as snips. In Canada and Australia it is called as the side cutters.


Since the side cutters are used in the electrical industry the handle of the side cutter is made by an insulated material. It is insulated with the dip-type. This is done for avoiding the electric shock and for holding it comfortably. However, this side cutter can be used only when it is rated as the safe against the electric shocks.


Some of the applications of the side cutters are that it can be used in the cutting of the brass, copper, aluminium, steel and iron wires. Some of the side cutter that has very low quality cannot be used for cutting of these materials. However, if you try to cut the materials with the side cutter then there will be indentations on the tool and that may also damage the tool. If it is high quality wire then it can cut the 2mm tool wire also.

For cutting some hardened materials there is a special type of side cutter that has diamond at the apex of the cutter on one side of the pliers. These side cutters make wires to be flushed to the apex of the solder point. Hence, these side cutters are also often called as the “flush cutters”.

There are many manufacturers of the cutters. Generally for cutting of the strings there is a special typo of side cutters. Expensive wire cutters only may stay for a longer period. The German make is of course a good quality one. Some may be defected like that it may not hold the material to be cut properly. Sometimes, the apex of this cutter would have become indented even after little use. Hence, while choosing you should be careful.

Hence, from this you would have understood what is meant by side cutters and what the purposes of the cutters are. This is a special tool that is used mainly for cutting of the wires.